About Fishnet


The Internet

The internet is a pretty fascinating thing. It is something that can be used in both a positive and negative light. When it first launched in 1983, we’re pretty sure that the creators had no idea what it would grow to become. In the world that we live in now, it would be very hard pressed to locate a person that does not make use of the internet on a daily—or even an hourly—basis.

The internet is something that we all rely on for work, school, and even our leisurely activities. As it is a topic that has its roots firmly wrapped around users or every type and scope, we feel that we should all pay more close attention toward the positives and the negatives of this pretty great tool.

Welcome to Fishnet

Welcome to Fishnet! We are a publication that’s based in Michigan and we care very much about all things that pertain to the internet. Our journey started in the early 2000s when our site head, Paul Lee, was faced with a lot of questions regarding the net and its many different uses. It seemed that everyone carried the same questions but didn’t like asking it.

He started a small blog which grew in popularity as he addressed internet news, internet safety tips, and frank discussions about the dangers that lurked behind innocuous looking links and websites. It was received quite well so he wanted to take the blog bigger and turn it into a full on publication.

Our Goals

As we’ve mentioned, we are a publication that focuses quite heavily on the topic of the internet. As you may imagine, this is one which is quite vast and always changing—much like the oceans that surround a huge percentage of the world that we live in. While there are some parts of it that are shallow and safe, it really does not take much to be pulled into the deeper and murkier depths where danger awaits.

If you’re wondering why we’re putting an emphasis on that is because our overall goal with this publication is to promote awareness and provide suitable knowledge that would hopefully lead to better and more responsible internet practices for all. There have been far too many horrific stories of people undergoing terrible experiences because of the internet.

It is our hope that with every published article, more and more people have a stronger working understanding of the net as a whole. Fishnet is going to practice an open door policy. This means that if you have any questions or particular requests for our topics of discourse, we are more than willing and able to meet your input and feedback.

To reach us, please refer to our contact page. We hope that you continue to join us as we continue to explore the wide world of the internet and the many joys (and tears) that it can possibly bring to anyone who uses it. We hope to have you peruse our articles soon!