Resources to Check Out

Hello and welcome to Fishnet! As always we are an internet-centered publication. We focus primarily on the topic of the internet and its many interesting facets. We feel that it is always important to take a good hard look at the latest trends, the dangers, and the benefits that the net showers us with.

When it comes to looking for more information regarding the net, it seems that it is the net itself that will help you. All that is needed is to know of the appropriate places to harvest further information and understanding regarding the internet, internet culture, what makes a netizen, and so many other factoids which affect internet usage and the general perception about the net.

That being said, we wanted to share some interesting resources that we’ve come across during our own search for better understanding of our chosen core topic. We hope that you’ll find them to be just as useful!

Know Your Meme


This website was pretty much like a godsend when it came to getting the latest news and a stronger grasp of the latest memes or internet trends. What we particularly like about this site is the fact that they do actively fact-check the veracity and the validity of their information. While they do keep a really updated menagerie of news and information, they always make it a point to clarify if they are still presently researching the topic.

With a lot of misinformation going around in the web, it is certainly refreshing to have a website that has very strict standards regarding the information that they keep.


cracked If you like humor with your information so as to make it more palatable, this is one site that you should visit fairly often. Cracked is one the oldest sites on the modern web. They discuss a wide variety of things all which a touch of their signature laugh-out-loud kind of humor. What we like about this particular website is the fact that the humor does not change the importance of the discussions that they are bringing in.

While it is sometimes best to laugh at certain unpleasant information about the internet or what it has been used for, this website helps its readers to process the ugly with the good.



If you wind the clock to about ten years or so, we probably would not think that this was a website that was worth visiting. Reddit, to this day, remains to be a forum where people could talk about pretty much anything. If you’ve ever wanted to have a place where you can just ask questions and get serious answers, this would be it.

They have moderators that make sure that serious replies are given when they are asked for specifically. Any internet user regardless of knowledge level will find this site to be pretty useful. In case you are not all that comfortable with adding your face or your actual name next to a question or a common, Reddit allows users to be completely anonymous. They don’t even allow people to upload their own profile pictures so it is basically impossible to personalize a Reddit page and make it something that can be linked back to the user.

Do you have a website that you make use of to obtain further understanding? If you do, please consider sharing them with us. We hope you’ll get in touch with us soon!