Write for Fishnet

The pursuit of knowledge is one that cannot be achieved without the help of those that who carry a better understanding of the subject matter. In the case of pursuing knowledge about the internet, we found that it is always best to tap into the expertise and the knowledge of those that:

  • Work in a related field
  • Use it on a very regular basis
  • Are planning on creating new processes for it

It is those very critical things that we wish to harness for this website.
Hello, we are Fishnet. We are a publication that dedicates itself to the discussion of the internet as whole. We aim to talk about pertinent topics both past and present. We are firmly in the belief that in order to safely utilize this great creation, there must be frank discussion and realistic views about it.

There have been far too many individuals who give the internet a bad name. Incidentally, there have also been numerous individuals who found themselves utilizing the net for ways that ended up being a big boon to themselves and the people around them. We want more of the latter rather than the former. In order to achieve that, we are looking for more people to join our multi-talented writing team!

If you’re wondering what sort of qualifications will be prioritized, please refer to the information below:

Writing Experience

Nowadays, anyone can type up a witty caption or post a lengthy rant on social media. It takes a whole different class of individual to be able to express their ideas in a manner that will avoid any confusion. There is a particular formula to writing a cohesive article and it takes a person with writing experience to fully understand what we’re talking about.

Strong Command of the English Written Language

We are going to be talking about a topic that has very little room for misunderstanding. We need people who are able to cohesively and effectively communicate their thoughts in wholly grammatically correct English.

Expansive Understanding of the Internet and Popular Culture

With a topic like the internet, it does not surprise us in the least that discussions will eventually dive into popular culture references and even popular trends in the general world of the internet. In order to have our audiences better grasp the topic of the net, we feel it is important to have writers who have this working knowledge.

If you feel that you would make an incredible addition to our writing team, do let us know about it. You can reach our site head, Paul Lee, through our contact number: 248 471 3612. After you call us, you can expect a few instructions to follow regarding your application. There will be a short test regarding your aptitude for writing about the internet and your working understanding of it.

Yes, we are always looking for more people to join our team and you may always reapply every two months. We certainly hope to hear from interested parties soon!